Aros Park, Tobermory and the Millennium Forest for Scotland project.

Roddy often works in conjunction with Forestry Enterprises. They manage a large area of woodland on the Isle of Mull and have a commitment to making this amenity accessible and safe for the public. One of the most popular places which they manage is Aros Park near Tobermory. Most of the park was purchased in 1959 and opened it to the public in 1969. The park has received funding from the Millennium for Scotland Trust and is undergoing a program of replanting and maintenance.
The management of woodland often involves removal of trees and shrubs as well as replanting for the future. This large sycamore tree had been struck by a mini tornado so Forest Enterprises decided that the tree should be removed. Roddy Macgregor was asked to assist in the removal of the tree because of his tree felling skills and knowledge of safety issues. This is a popular amenity much used by the people of Tobermory and visitors.
The tree was taken down and removed quickly to avoid inconveniencing the many users of the park. One of the biggest challenges for Forest Enterprises is the removal of the invasive Rhododendron Ponticum which had taken over large areas of the park during the years of neglect. Many species of Rhododendron have now been given space to flourish. It is a difficult job but when finish will leave a wonderful facility to be enjoyed by all.
If you would like more information of The Aros Park, history, wildlife, and the work being carried out by Forest Enterprises and the Millennium Forest for Scotland Trust visit : Aros Park Org web site