Tree felling on steep ground.

This job involved clearing the larger trees on the steep hill side behind Tobermory Main Street. The large tree in the picture was causing concern for the owners of the properties below.
Here Roddy is removing branches which hung out towards the buildings. This was essential as the tree was likely to be carried in the wrong direction because of the weight of these branches.
This work was carried out on a still day to avoid any complications which the wind may cause. The bank below the tree had been cleared but the tree stumps had been left long to help catch any timber being carried to the foot of the bank.
Because of the preparation of the bank it was possible to let the limbs fall without having to tie them off and lower them.
Two ropes were attached to the tree. One was tied high and used to pull the tree in the correct felling direction across the hill. The second rope was used to arrest the trees sliding down the bank. The rope was long enough to allow the tree to fall half way down the bank where it would be easier to deal with the trunk.
Walkie talkies were used communicate during the final cutting of the tree. The felling went well, three large wedges were inserted into the cut and the winch assisted the successful felling.
Here is the view down onto the backs of the properties. Had the tree fallen straight out towards the buildings it would have caused a good deal of damage.
The stump after the tree was felled.
Here work was carried out on the Main Street, Tobermory. A public footpath had become overgrown and needed thinning.
Fences were arected to prevent public access. This fencing needs to be substantial as people are very reluctant to use alternative roots. The site was surrounded with signs explaining what was taking place. At the top of the hill a number of smaller trees were felled so as to completely block access to members of the pubic. Even so, considerable precautions must be taken to prevent accidents.
The smaller branches were shredded and taken away.
This is a bit bigger than the usual domestic garden shredder.
You may be able to see the rope which was used to pull this tree back into the bank.
Much of the work was carried out using ropes as the bank was very unstable , wet and slippery. Rocks were also a problem and many were dislodged during the work.
A tree being hand hauled in the correct felling direction.